About 43 Actions

Staying in the loop—on the go. With your iPhone.

43 Actions is a Getting Things Done® inspired, mobile to-do list and advanced organizer. Designed specifically to let you manage your daily life on the go, using the always-on internet access in your iPhone.

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Notable Features

  • New: Email new actions to your account. You can now also set the context and project directly when composing the email message. (This effectively lets you add new actions even if you are stuck on an airplane! All email in your iPhone's Outbox will be sent as soon as it regains internet connectivity back on the ground.)
  • New: Mark and display one or more "active/next actions" in your projects and contexts (available to everyone)
  • New: Set any due date you want using the new Date picker (donor exclusive)
  • New: Personalize by choosing a different color scheme for the toolbar and buttons (donor exclusive)
  • Keep an eye on Today's or This Week's tasks with your Agenda
  • New: Get Today's or This Week's Agenda Summary via email (donor exclusive)
  • Full-text search through all of your actions
  • Add new actions with one click, using the Quick Add field
  • Quickly organize your actions into contexts or projects, and view both active and archived actions belonging to a particular project
  • Send important actions to yourself via email
  • Set your local time zone, to have due dates be accurate everywhere in the world
  • Designed to be extremely light-weight, so it can load fast even on EDGE networks
  • Export all actions to an XML file, for safe keeping and backup
  • And more...

If you like our service, please donate via PayPal today (in EUR)! This really helps 43 Actions stay online, by contributing towards our monthly bandwidth and hosting bills (and the time spent in development). Thank you!

Clean, minimalistic and quick

Inspired by David Allen, Merlin Mann of 43folders and David Heinemeier Hansson of 37signals, built with Ruby on Rails, and run on Apache and a pack of Mongrels, 43 Actions has the stability and the features you have come to expect from the better bunch of "Web 2.0" applications:

  • clean, minimalistic and accessible design and user interface
  • quick and intuitive navigation
  • good performance

If you're dissatisfied with something—or if you think you have a good idea for a new feature—please let us know by sending an email our way. You can also use the feedback field at the bottom of the Home screen. Your thoughts and ideas are very welcome!

User Testimonials

Lingon i Korg: Tell us, why did you come back to using 43 Actions?
Serge: I got tired of Omni Focus being lame on the iPhone.
I've been trying out 43 Actions in the last few days, and it somehow feels better than the few other todo type apps I've briefly used. I'm not a GTDer, but the design feels more "right" than just straight todo's. Dave Lee
Excellent job with 43 Actions; you're saving my relationship with my girlfriend! :P Raj Maniar
What a great product. Thanks for your development. It has allowed me to manage my actions on my iPhone using true GTD® methodology. Keep the improvements coming! Are you planning to port this application over to an iPhone client app instead of the current web-based, once Apple allows the SDK to go broader and release apps through iTunes? Thanks again! Mike LaGoe
I will continue to highly recommend 43 Actions to all iPhone newcomers. Thank you again! Stefan Braham
Just started using your application. I reviewed the other products available. Why I selected yours:
  • 43 Actions is simple and intuitive. I believe that, after reading David Allen's book, it is important to keep the tools very easy to use. I reviewed other software programs, but they add too many layers of complexity to perform a simple function.
  • Yours is web based and extremely portable. I can use this on several different computers including my iPhone—work, home, at the store—keep it lean. Tom McCartney
When I first got my iPod Touch I fell in love with 43 Actions and really wanted a local copy. Recently I have been using ToDo and after RTM came out with their app I started using that one, but neither one has truly pulled me in yet. I'm hoping ‘Paper’ will be able to do that. Philip Wels
I love 43 Actions—it's making my life so much easier. Juliette Cezzar
I've tried several GTD-software on the iPhone but 43 Actions is simply the best (much better than Remember the milk and iNozbe). Since I've decided to use the software in the future I donated today via PayPal. Looking forward to see some kind of native app on the iphone in the future. Olaf Schneider
Are you guys working on a native iPhone application? Please let me know—43 Actions is becoming crucial to me. Rainer
I think I was already on the donor list from a previous contribution. I just wanted to send you another one to help fund the great app you've built. Dennis Metzcher
So how long are we looking at before 43 actions goes native to the iPhone? I've tried a few of the similar products in the App Store, and I feel they are inferior to your simple, intuitive interface. You can do it! Kevin J

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